5 Great Ways to Connect with Home While Traveling


We travel to far and wide places because we want to be disconnect from our hectic life and have totally new experience, see a totally new world. Shutting oneself from the connected world is a very difficult preposition. But still there happens to be those moments where you would want to share an amazing pic that you just took or want to call up home just to say ‘I am ok, mom‘. So how do you stay connected with your loved ones while exploring, experiencing new worlds? Here are the five ways with wich you can stay connected to your world back home.

1. Let’s Skype
Skype is one of the most popular communications service worldwide. With an internet connection, you can stay connected using Skype from your laptop. You can text; call and even video call your contacts. These features are available in the standard version, but if you want to group video chat, and an option for unlimited calls to your favorite country, then the premium version – costing $4.99 monthly – suites your needs.
 2. Wi-Fi calling apps on Android
The data-calling market is crowded with companies selling their products -apps. Some of these apps support only voice calling, while others allow a wide range of options like photo transfer, video call and group chatting. Wifi calling Apps for android like Google Voice, Fring, Tango, etc. are some of the popular apps on the Android platform. Google Voice allows synchronization of my missed calls, voice mails, and text messages with multiple devices, even my contacts across too. Fring’s niche is its ability to call other Fring users worldwide free of cost. Moreover the texting and video chats too doesn’t cost a cent. Tango is a computer and Android app that allows free international calls and video calls. The Android update includes sending voice messages amongst other feature upgrades.
3. International calling plan
Before you embark on your ‘voyage’, contact your carrier and find the best international calling plan from the country or a regions that you are visiting. Every carrier has affordable and attractive calling plans for international travelers who would want to be in touch with people back home. International airports too have mobile service provider outlets to help you get a plan on the go.
4. Via Facebook 
Facebook is one of the best ways to share your photos, thoughts, experiences, etc with a large group of people. Your friends will be in constant update about your activities and update you back with gossip from home.  Lately, Facebook had added a video conference call feature where one friend can connect with other friends using the camera and mic, just like Skype. I personally found the quality of the video conference of Facebook far better then Skype.
5. The old fashion way – Post Card or letter
Sending a post card with a stamp and some hurriedly written message to your loved ones back home is very nostalgic. The post card tells about the place you have visited, and the stamp and post office mark permanently registers the date and place from where you posted the lovely postcard.

No matter where you travel on the face of this earth you are just a click away from the world that you left behind and set out in search of tranquil holiday. There are various gadgets and gizmos with lots of new features to keep you connected with your world. And where technology fails to reach, there is always the old fashioned post office and the attractive post cards. Happy Traveling!

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