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5 Great Places to Visit in Israel

Northern Israel, commonly known as Galilee is sometimes overshadowed by other great places to visit while in Israel, however the place will stun you with its rich history and culture, beauty and other breath taking adventures that await you. Irrespective of your interests you will not have any problem in narrowing down in selection what you will be doing, this is not a usual occurrence as one normally looks for things to do, Galilee is just spoiling you with choices. From the great city of Haifa to the other extent of Galilee, you will enjoy to visit the leisure spots, amazing parks and beautiful nature reserves.

Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Tel Aviv is actually Israel’s cultural center and financial hub. It is famous its incredible night life, restaurants and great beaches. It’s also titled as the one sane place in Middle East. Jaffa is a quite older city that traces its roots back to the old biblical times; it’s located next to Tel Aviv.


Jerusalem Old City

Jerusalem, the capital city of the great Israel is considered to be among the most sacred places of the world, it’s divided by three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The ancient city is encompassed by stone walls which date back to the Ottoman periods and in it contains some of the holiest sites like the western wall which is the most visited site in Israel, it’s usually considered to be very holy especially to the Jews. In the ancient city also stand the holy sepulcher and the Dome Rock Church. (Image by Brian Negin)


The mountain fortress of Masada stands on an isolated rock plateau in the south east of Israel, overlooking the Dead Sea. It’s very famous for its rich Historical stories of more than its one thousand original inhabitants who committed suicide rather than conceiting defeat from their roman enemies. The major activity carried out in this place is riding on the cable car. You will also see the left remains of the settlements on the top of the plateaus plus the battery that the Romans built in effort of capturing the settlement.

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Bahai Gardens, Haifa

Haifa acts as the capital of North of Israel and is also its third largest city. The city is located on the beautiful slopes of mount .Carmel and has been titled the San Francisco of Israeli; it’s however overshadowed by Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In Haifa, there are lots of things to carry out; you can visit the startling Bahai gardens, Haifa German Colony among many others. The city has numerous museums, riding in Haifa cable cars, visiting the of Carmel beaches among other things. (Image by M Asser)

Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is ranked among one of the lowest seas of the world, it’s surrounded by a rich historical area and among them is the fact that Christianity sites most of its New Testament teachings from this region. There are many resultants Christian cites like the notable Capernaum and other citations that have a lot to do with the Sea of Galilee. Starters can takes some water sports activities or go for a boat trip on the enormous lake, you can also hike on some of the nearby hills and enjoy gazing at the amazing panoramas, and you can also cycle around the sea.

Visit Israel and identify yourself to Christianity’s holiest cities. You will have a lot to learn and see in this rich and marvelous country.


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