5 Great Destinations in North Thailand

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel North Thailand
Traveling is one of the most fulfilling ventures in the lives of most people. This is especially if you get to visit interesting destinations from the different corners of the world. One place which assures you of a wonderful time is the northern part of Thailand. This location is endowed with many great destinations which are bound to make your stay a wonderful one. You can also have a close view of any culture while on a visit here.
Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Doi Ang Khang North Thailand
Doi Ang Khang
The Doi Ang Khang is one such destination which you should take time and visit when in this place. It is mainly a mountain resort with a lot of activities to do. For the lovers of birds, you can comfortably go for bird watching. There are more than a thousand species of birds to observe thereby giving you a better experience with the nature and birds. Alternatively, you can go for mountain biking or study treks passing by the beautiful waterfalls present here.
Still the Doi Inthanon national park is another wonderful destination when on your visits in Thailand. You can easily get to this location with your vehicle or by hiring one. There is a little fee charged in this place which is located on the highest mountain in Thailand. The beautiful nature and waterfalls will leave you amazed. At this  location you get to walk while viewing the scenery and the visit can be ideally done in a day. For those who are into walking you can climb the long steps but there are also escalators if you feel too tired to walk up the steps. Additionally, there are souvenir shops available so that you can buy items which will remind you of the visit you had in the place.
Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Golden Triangle North Thailand
Golden Triangle
The Golden Triangle is yet another destination which is famous in this part of Thailand. It is usually at the intersection of three countries namely Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. The place boasts of wonderful scenery which can be well viewed especially if you traveling with a boat around the place. In the effort to increase on the attractions available in the location, there have been several additions. This includes the outstanding golden Buddha and elephant statues. 
Chiang Rai is also another place which is worth visiting. From this part, you get enjoy breathtaking views and botanical gardens. To add onto the experience, there are the waterfalls and caves which will make the time spent here memorable. This place certainly offers much to the visitors and you will not regret having made the trip.
One destination which can be considered a religious one yet much interesting is the Doi Suthep. It harbors a mountain top temple which has many legendary tales behind it. Due to the tales attached to this place, it happens to be a thrilling location for a visit.
Making wonderful visits during the vacations is therefore a great decision to make. After all, this part of northern Thailand has wide range of places you can visit. Notably, all the places harbor wonderful views and scenery.


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