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5 Family Winter Attractions in Canada

Toronto is the place to be during the winter season owing to its winter attractions which will keep you family engaged throughout the vacation. Family activities come in their plenty’s and range from the traditional dog sledging, skating, skiing and snowboarding. There is definitely something for everybody. Canada has some of the greatest and most celebrated winter festivals which are also worth consideration, your family will definitely fall in love with the –lace despite temperatures being sub zero. Here are some winter attractions that you can try out while in Canada.

Ski resorts

Get to whistler /Blackcomb ski resort which is home to the Nordic events of winter Olympics, other great resorts are those of Banff and Lake Louise which are outside Calgary. Canadian ski resorts feature long runs, spectacular sceneries and sharp drop-offs. Make sure you try out heli-skiing as well as glacier skiing, you will definitely have unlimited fun in these ski resorts.

www.holidayfans.com 5 Family Winter Attractions in Canada - Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel

If your family has never been to an ice hotel, then get them to Quebec ice hotel which is in Quebec City which will definitely give you the best winter experience. The hotel is cathedral like in shape and is carved from ice, the furniture is also made of ice, and you will be astounded to see 18 feet ceilings of ice candelabras hanging from the ceiling. The hotel has a nice history which you will definitely love to learn of. It’s opened seasonally from January to April and is rebuilt each year, you can decide to just take it as a tour and let your family explore as you drink from the ice bar nearby. (Image by Colpro)

Quebec Winter Carnival

Winter activities will not be complete without getting the family to Quebec City, in the winter carnival you will get the other rowdy gatherings that have made it a tradition to get to the carnival to make merry and drink before the lent season. Quebec Winter Carnival is the biggest carnival celebrations not only in Canada but also in the whole world. The events are staged purely for large families who will get to enjoy the droves as they embrace and celebrate in the cold. You can also get a trip to sum up your day.

www.holidayfans.com 5 Family Winter Attractions in Canada - Skate the Rideau Canal

Skate the Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Rideau Canal in Ottawa is a must visit during winter, this canal transforms every winter to a major skate way which stretches nearly 7,8 km which is also equivalent to 5 miles and this makes it the world largest skating rink. You can get to this canal and join locals as well as tourist who use the canal as a means a recreation facility as well as a transport channel. Skateway however opens during Januarys or February as this is the time the canal is sufficiently frozen so as to ensure its safe for skaters, you can get skates that are available for rentals or sleighs in which you can let your children seat and you push them, they will definitely like the experience. (Image by Ottawa Tourism)

Winterlude in Ottawa

Get to staging great festivals in waist high snowdrifts such as that of Ottawa Winterlude. You will definitely love activities such as ice skating, getting to ice sculptures as well as concerts and snow playground.

Make sure you get to Canada this winter vacation you will definitely fall in love with the Canadian winter festival, there is definitely everything for all to enjoy. Accommodation facilities are in plenty; just make sure you book in advance to get attractive packages that will see you spend less on your vacation.


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