5 Cool Facts About Bristol Airport

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Facts About Bristol Airport
In the recent times, hardly a week passes by without the UK media raising issues regarding the impact the aviation industry has on the environment. In response though, the aviation industry is making every effort to lessen its negative impacts and undertake business in a friendly and beneficial way. These efforts are partly geared towards making it possible for commuters to enjoy business flights through exposure to amazing cultures and exciting landscapes. There are several great facts about Bristol airport such as environmental, economical, and community. In addition, several options of parking at Bristol airport  is available to the travelers who passes through the airport.Whenever you check into Bristol airport, these are the interesting fact you need to know.Environmental

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Bristol Airport Environmental

• The carbon emissions at Bristol are less than 1% of the whole for the South western region.
• The modern planes are seventy percent more fuel efficient than forty years ago. Easy jet’s 11 based flight machines comprise the youngest air fleet in Europe.
• As a whole, aviation contributes less than 2% of the world greenhouse emissions.
• The aviation sector is only accountable for 12% of Carbon emissions drawn other forms of transport.
• On average, the number fight passengers using Bristol Airport went up from eighty seven in 2004 to a hundred and one in the year 2007. This showed greater efficiency in airline operations.


Bristol airport has fifty different businesses operating from its premises.
• There are more than 2800 people in gainful employment at the Bristol airport.
• Bristol Airport Passengers contributed about 31 million sterling pounds as Air Passenger Duty in 2007 to the exchequer.
• Results from a survey done by a respected University of the West England Economist revealed that the world’s leading companies will be less inclined to invest in the South West if Bristol Airport is not expanded.

Inbound tourism

• The inbound tourism in the UK attracts 14bn sterling pounds to the UK economy every year. It has also employed more than 300000 people.
• Tourists to Bristol spend 750 sterling pounds every year in this city.
• Since commencement in May 2005, more than 50% of its passengers using Continental Airlines flights (daily) between New York and Bristol have come from the United States.
• The Airport and other airlines operating within work hand in hand with bodies like Destination; South West Tourism, and Bath Tourism to market the region overseas. ( An instance:- Destination Bristol was supported by Bristol Airport at the NYTT show in Feb 2008)


• Bristol Airport noise footprint is foreseen to be less than nine million passengers per year than it was in 2004.
• The summer in 2007 recorded the least number of flights in a period of 10 years
• Bristol boasts the smallest noise footprints in the UK. (Among airports of comparable size)
• Noise insulation grants have been given to 286 houses at 750,000 sterling pounds.
• Bristol Airport staff raised about 75,000 sterling pounds for the Children’s Hospice South West.
• The Airport joins hands with Young Enterprise South West to realize the difference to the current lives and youthful potential for the future.
• Bristol Airport gives financial aid to Bristol Bordeaux Exchange. This creates cultural and educational links between the two cities

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Bristol Airport Parking

Parking at Bristol Airport

Bristol airport has 2 pre–book parking options for Business, long stay and short stays. The short stay car park is conveniently located at the airport road near the terminal. The Business car park is near the terminal where navigator members get preferential rates. The long stay for airport parking is ideal for those on holiday or related longer stays. It is wise to book longer stays in advance. If you do decide to use the airport parking, you might want to consider using BCP discount codes to save few bucks.

Additional Facts

• Bristol serves 4 million passengers per year. It has over eighty direct destinations and one Terminal. It’s runway is 2011 meters in length

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