Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - 4 Things to do Around Heathrow Airport

4 Things to do Around Heathrow Airport

Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - 4 Things to do Around Heathrow Airport

The Heathrow Airport is definitely an iconic mark in the world and forms part of the biggest London attraction. It provides passages to hundreds of travelers daily. For anyone out there traveling, you do not have to be in a hurry as there are several things to do before boarding the flight. The Airport offers parking services to travelers in various terminals.  Heathrow parking at terminal 1 offers an ideal point for travelers to park their cars at affordable rates. It is ideal for any traveler to book in advance. The terminal one car parking is situated off junction four of the M4. For a traveler who has parked their car at the terminal and they have some few hours before the main flight, then they can engage in the following activities around Heathrow airport.

Denham village life and stoke pages

This place requires one to have their car or take a taxi. It is a simple journey through the M25. This is a picturesque village where visitors enjoy the traditional pubs. First if you love beer, make time to visit the Swan to taste the local liquor. This village lies within a single street showcasing the local architecture house build in bricks, half timber houses. To work up your appetite, take a walk across the golf club. Just near the village is the Stoke Pages, a flint church that acts as a tomb for Thomas Gray, author of the Elegy in a country churchyard.

The little India

If you want to know little about India culture, visit little India located in Southall. You can travel here by train. Make sure to buy saris in shopping stalls. The Jas Musicals arcade is a place to visit and buy flutes. After the stroll here, sample the best Indian dishes along the streets.

Windsor Castle

This is a working royal palace build over many centuries ago. It has majestic avenues and plane tree views along its landscape. It is mainly associated with the royal family. Since you don’t have time, considers a simple guided tour in groups like a tour to the old kitchen that has been in use for over 750 years. There are several exhibitions here. You can check the state apartments and other semi state rooms inside the Castle (image by mckytm).

Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - 4 Things to do Around Heathrow Airport Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Hampton Court Palace

This is among the famous places near Heathrow airport. It is also a royal palace. It has complete package to see like the Tudor red brick design with medieval architecture, the zigzag chimneys, the formal gardens, world class paintings, the maze, rich tapestries and bright stained glass. This place offers two unique events, the Hampton Palace festivals and the flower show. So if you are lucky, you get an opportunity to attend the events for few hours before boarding your flight at Heathrow.

The airport also offers long stay services. This is an ideal service for travelers who wish to travel for a couple of days and works well for longer holidays. The Heathrow parking at terminal 1 is among the unique areas for long parking. This terminal is open all year. Great deals and in advance booking can be done for Heathrow airport parking with BCP.  Travelers get coach service to transfer from the parking bay to the airport. After parking your vehicle here, you do not have to worry as the car security is guaranteed with timely patrols, a secure fence and full CCTV coverage.

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