4 Natural Rock Climbing Sites in North America

USA is definitely a rock climber’s destination; it has some awesome natural rock climbing sites that will get you on toes as you struggle to get to the top. Every rock climbing experience is unique and unlike any other it adds you some experience. To a new natural rock, even the most experienced climbers are beginners, this is because the challenges posed are quite different as the terrain and geology of the rocks differ, bearing this in mind you definitely have every reason to try out as many rock as you can, here are the best USA rock climbing locations, make sure you get to them and conquer their treasures.

Yosemite National Park, CA

Located in California State, Yosemite National Park is one of the most popular destinations amongst rock climbers. There are a good number of places to try out which feature diversity of rocks at its best, the rocks are quite challenging with the hardest being the persistent crack limbs of Merced River canyon. The pinching crystals on the sun drenched Tuolumne domes will definitely try their best to get you down and nevertheless they still happen to be the favorite rock climbing place among climbers.

www.holidayfans.com 4 Natural Rock Climbing Sites in North America - Joshua Tree National Park, CA 

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Another popular rock climbing site is in Joshua Tree National Park which features over 4500 distinct routes with variety of rock climbing areas for you to try out. Joshua tree remains in the heart of most climbers who have tried it out and annually more than one million people get to the national park with the majority being rock climbers. You will definitely love trying it out. (Image by greaves_Russell)

Black Canyon on the Gunnison National Park, Colorado

The black canyon is a great place to go for rock climbing but its most ideal for advanced rock climbers courtesy of its trying terrains.  The canyon is located in Gunnison National Park in Colorado and it offers excellent places for rock climbing. The canyon is however very deep and very narrow, its deepest point is at Warner and the point measure 2,722 feet. You can just get a shiver down your spine if you imagine crushing in such depths but conquering the canyon is a milestone achievement.  Most of climbing activities at the canyon takes place at the South Chasm walls and the North Chasm walls of the canyon. Here the depths are a bit realistic but still dangerous, 1,820 feet is still no joke.

www.holidayfans.com 4 Natural Rock Climbing Sites in North America - Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park, Maine

Found in the state of Maine, Acadia National Park offers diverse climbing points for rock climbers to try out. The cliffs at the park are attributed to the very last continental glaciations so they are very rugged and daring, they are basically made of pink granites that have some solid coarse grains which make rock climbing to very demanding. Getting to the Otter cliffs or the Great Head will get you to some amazing sceneries that happen to the climax of climbing in this National Park. (Image by Dustin Hall)

USA is a very ideal destination for all climbers you will definitely love to get to these places that will give you the real adrenaline of rock climbing. You might consider to go in larger groups, everybody will definitely love the climbing.


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