4 Great New Zealand Beaches

Beaches are nice places to spend some quality time in, the sands, the breezes and the nice accommodation facilities will definitely get you thinking to get to the beaches on your vacation. New Zealand is home to some of the worlds most coveted for beaches. Ranging from the warm golden bays of Abel Tasman to Coromandel in peninsula, crystal clear waters and ample sunshine is what will be luring you to get to the waters. Here are some of the best beaches in New Zealand that are a must get to during your next vacation.

Coromandel Peninsula Water Beach

Though it’s not the prettiest beach in New Zealand, it’s the hottest beach which also features great beaches of hidden depths. The most ideal time to get to this beach is two hours before or after a low tide, you will join other visitors who are equipped with candidate pack shovels in digging some holes at the tide lines which create a natural hot spring that you can relax in for about two hours before the tides come again to spoil the fun. The springs are quite unique and the water that burbles is rich in minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium. You can also decide to venture in the hike that’s just 40 minutes away.

Piha Beach in West Auckland

From Lion Rock you can have the awe view of this striking beach, Piha is the country’s most renown surfing beach and it’s also one of the best beaches in new Zealand. Away from surfing, the beach also is framed by rugged cliffs like the commanding Lion Rock which provide nice opportunities for picnicking, walking or exploring. The beach is just a half an hour’s drive from Auckland you can also decide to sunbathe in the beaches as the mysterious wind sweeps cool you down.

www.holidayfans.com 4 Great New Zealand Beaches  - Karekare Beach

Karekare in West Auckland

If you find the beaches water as too rough for swimming, then why not consider it ideal for taking a long walk? Karekare is immortalized as the Piano and is very accessible especially from Auckland. The beach is one of the wildest beaches in New Zealand which is featured by black sands and grandiose sweeps that are bush clad and isolated hills that mark its loneliness. This makes it to be less frequented by tourists so if you love quiet beaches, this is the most ideal beach for you. As the waters can be at times rough, it’s advised you swim between the flags. The beach hosts the annual beach race which is the greatest occasion that’s most frequented, local horses and ponies come to race as they raise money for local causes, don’t miss out the event. (Image by Kiwi Bronnie)

www.holidayfans.com 4 Great New Zealand Beaches  - Kaiteriteri  Beach

Kaiteriteri Beach in Nelson

If you are looking for the real golden sands that feature the longest sunshine hours, then this is the beach to be, the beach is quite accessible and is located on your way to Tasman Abel national park in South Island. You can decide to swim, sunbathe; hike and kayak as you explore some natural lagoons and coves or better still have some tasty sea food meals on its sores. Dolphins, seals and penguins are a common occurrence so carry your camera with you. (Image by Liam Grange)

The next time you get to New Zealand, make sure you try out these beaches, they have something unique that makes them the greatest beaches in New Zealand. Carry your family or kids with you to have more fun.


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Featured image courtesy by Chris Hacking