4 Great Hotels in Malaysia- Don’t Miss These Ones

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Going on a vacation is always a thrill. You have the opportunity to see a new world from what you see daily. There are countless chances for you to enjoy yourself, enjoy a new culture and way of life. As a traveler, you may find it difficult and tricky to pick a destination.There are factors you put into consideration as you choose your destination. One of the basic ones should be the kind of experience you are hoping to have while traveling. You may desire to see wild life, you may want to see marine life, or simply travel to a modern city. Whichever place you choose, you are sure to enjoy greatly.

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Hard Rock Penang in Malaysia
Hard Rock Penang

One such place you can enjoy is Malaysia. There are great places you can stay during your visit. Hard Rock Hotel in Penang is a brilliant place to stay. It is the epitome of luxury with its location along the eminent Batu Ferringhi beaches. This is an iconic hotel as it is right in the Oriental Pearl. You can enjoy the genuine hard rock experience mingles with different cultures. This is an ideal hotel for couple, singles and families looking to have a relaxing time. All 250 rooms are exquisite with 32-inch LCD screens to give you quality entertainment. You are always in connection through a fast Wi-Fi internet connection. This hotel has delicious and authentic Malaysian cuisine to excite your taste buds.

The welcome you receive at the Lake House – CameronHighlands is something to remember. The

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel The Lake House - Cameron in Malaysia
The Lake House – Cameron

smell of flowers fills the air as you make yourself feel at home. This elite getaway hotel offers you a divine connection with nature. It is located on a lush hill that overlooks hills and woodlands. This is indeed a beautiful and marvelous sight. The fresh air, food, traditional tea and ambiance make this a memorable place to stay. It is ideal for honeymooners and those looking to enjoy nature with some romance.

Those looking for some fun and adventure, look no further than the Sunway Lost World of Tanbun-Ipoh. This water theme park is unique in every way. There is the lazy river, wave pool and beautiful sandy beaches. You get to see breath-taking views of the whole park. The green scenery of Tambun surround the place and this gives a beautiful relaxing effect. The hotel is beautifully constructed with classy finishes for the interior. The infinity pool, hot springs and relaxing massages are a beautiful attraction for many. The members of staff are more than willing to make your stay ever more pleasant. This is one of the habits with Malaysian people in hospitality.

The Casa Del Rio Melaka is a marvelous place to stay while in Malaysia. Its location is breath-

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Casa Del Rio Melaka in Malaysia
Casa Del Rio Melaka

taking, right at the Melaka River near the entrance to the straits. The design of this hotel is perfect for capturing unforgettable views and landmarks. It is also listed in the UNESCO world heritage list. It is an elegant hotel for those that want pampering as well as luxury. There is a spa, infinity swimming pool, water front dining and other luxurious water facilities. Enjoy rich culture and wonderful living. You cannot go wrong with the Casa Del Rio Melaka.

The next time or if you are planning a vacation, visit any one of these hotels and enjoy luxury at an affordable price.


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