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4 Cultural Sites in Dubai

Hearing of Dubai, what comes to our minds is a country full of contemporary architecture, extravagant lifestyle, wonderful restaurants, breath-taking art and graphic designs and other major developments in terms of technological advancements. However, that’s not the actual life of the Dubai civilians who are deeply rooted to their traditions; which every traveler visiting this place should respect. Dubai is a home to a rich and strong cultural heritage influenced by its desert and oasis living people who were masters at surviving in one of the harshest climates in our planet. It is the perfect place to be when looking for a cultural endowed destination. Here are the most intriguing cultural sites that should be in your bucket list of your must-visit places when visiting this amazing country of Dubai.

The Dubai Museum

If you want to clearly understand the culture of the Dubai, this is the right place to be. Being one of the most respected cultural sites in the country, this place offers a clear replica of the rich heritage of Dubai by showing a unique trip to desert life, traditional Arabian homes, and great mosques, ancient fishing pearl diving and trade. Located in the Al Fahadi Fort this 18th century structure offers travelers with clear vision of what the old markets of Dubai were once like. Don’t hesitate; pay a visit to this amazing place and you will make your experience in this wonderful UAE state a remarkable one!(image by Alan).

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Dubai Museum Cultural Sites in Dubai

Dubai Heritage Village

If you want to clearly understand the amazing culture of the people living in Dubai, this is the right place to be. It is simply a clear image of how life was in Hatter before its modernization and gives you an idea of how homes were designed years back. Amusement parks, traditional homes and the type of clothes worn by people in the past will definitely help you understand the transition from the Dubai’s maritime culture to today’s modern world. Additionally, the tented Bedouin village and the larger armory will always appeal to all hordes of people regardless of their ages.

Jumeirah Mosque

Being a very religious country, this building stands out to represent the real Muslimculture which guides the people. Additionally, Jumeirah Mosque represents the architectural culture of Dubai which started back in the 15th century. Located near Jumeirah Beach Road, it is the largest city mosque and hence the most visited and photographed sites in the world. The beauty of the mosque is seen at its very best particularly during sundown. Tours are at 10am every Sunday and Thursday mornings. It is surely the place to be, the experience is eye catching and safety is guaranteed making it the right place to be.

Bastakiya District

It is a clear representation of the traditional architecture of the people in Dubai. An array of structures reconstructed in the traditional style will welcome you as you enter one of the most admired places in the world. In the past the place was famous for a mass of wind towers and up to date the narrow lanes and tall wind towers gives a tantalizing glimpse of old Dubai. Get to know the origin of the Dubai old architecture of the Dubai culture by visiting this amazing place.(image by Born to be Wild).

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Bastakiya District Cultural Sites in Dubai
That’s not all about Dubai, make a visit to this amazing place and enjoy your vacation in the greatest hotels in Dubai. Reservation in advance in highly recommended and making room reservation for Burj Al Arab Dubai, for example, will save you great frustrations up on arrival. Also, if you plan to benefit from local tours and attractions, see in advance what meet your passion and book those in advance as well. Enjoy!


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