10 Things to Consider When Visiting Africa

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Africa is popularly known as Dark Continent for its most unexploited nature. People often mistakenly treat Africa as a country but it is a continent with approximately 54 countries. Africa became the tourist destination for the people of America and Europe because of its variety in tourism when compared with other places.
Southern part of the Africa is somewhat developed when compared with the upper and middle parts of Africa. This part is attracting more number of travelers to Africa from several other parts of the world because of its traditional assets like Boulders Beach, Hike Wild Coast, Golf Courses, Cape peninsula and Cape Town, special tree houses in places like Teniqua Treetops etc. But there are some things one must consider before traveling or planning to travel to Africa.
The Best Blog Ever travel the World RTW -family Travel with kids Hill Resort in Africa
Hill Resort in Africa
Africa is a vast continent and you must fix the countries and places you want to visit. It has all the geographical varieties like mountains, volcanoes, beaches, hill resorts, deserts etc. so one must have to decide in advance about the route-map of his/her journey.
One must consider a suitable season to visit a particular place. If you opted to visit deserts i.e. Namibia June – July is best. If you want to go for safari, avoid the rainy as well as winter seasons. 
As general travel preparation, book your rooms, lodges, hotels in advance. Read the reviews and compare facilities, amenities as well as prices before booking a hotel. Food is the most important thing and the quality as well as type of food available in different places of Africa is not quite good to eat. So specially concentrate on food as well as water facilities.
The Best Blog Ever travel the World RTW -family Travel with kids Flight to Africa
Flight to Africa
Booking a flight ticket at cheaper cost to Africa is not an easy task. You must book tickets in advance to get the flight tickets at reasonable price.
Africa is prone to diseases. Keep medicines for diseases like malaria, yellow fever etc. Though conditions are not like decades ago in Africa (people must take vaccine to enter Africa), but anyway it is a better practice to keep updated medicines and vaccinations for common diseases in Africa.
The visa rules of the African countries differ from country to country. If you want to visit multiple countries, know the visa rules of countries you want to visit and take permission (visa) from them, which is usually very easy.
The Best Blog Ever travel the World RTW -family Travel with kids Credit Card Abroad to Africa
Credit Card Abroad
One must keep another factor in mind while visiting Africa is money. Not all currencies are readily exchangeable in Africa and Credit cards are accepted in high end shops which are rare to find.
One must have considerable knowledge on Africa before traveling to it, just read books on people of Africa, their culture, dangerous places to visit etc.
Never go for gambling in the countries of Africa. They can easily know the new faces i.e. foreigners and you will get easily cheated by locals.
These are some of the tips one must follow while visiting Africa. As African countries are under developed and mostly developing in nature, you can’t expect high standards of living at these places.

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