10 Great Waterfalls in Central and South America. Don’t Miss It!

Central America is a vast region filled with beautiful waterfalls. It is not easy to come up with a list of the top 10 waterfalls because this is subjective to personal experience.

Having said that, listed below is a list of some of the breath taking waterfalls.

1. Chorro El Macho
This is arguably the most famous waterfall in the area of El Valle Panama. It is located just a few kilometers north of El Valle near the canopy tour entrance. It is 85 meters high and having a large swimming pool made of rocks below the falls where you can take a refreshing bath. It is best visited during the summer since you can take excellent photographs.
2. Casacada San Ramon-Nicaragua

It’s a 40 meter waterfall and offers the most classic hike. You can reach it by taking the morning bus from Moyogalpa or Altagracia and then alight at the ecological station. You then take a 4 hour trek following a clear marked trail to the mossy. The public transportation buses return to San Ramon in the afternoon.

3. Catarata de Chinata

This is a towering 580m waterfall found south of Pedro Ruiz in Northern Peru. It has a flash flood which changes the width of the fall in less than one minute. It is best visited during clear weather where you can appreciate its beauty.

4. Cascada Los Tercios
It is a relatively small waterfall but formation of the rocks is interesting to watch. It is situated in Suchitoto, El Salvador and to visit it, you go south on the road in front of Iglesia Santa Lucia some 1.5 km Down the road.
5. Angel falls
Angel falls
This is the tallest waterfall in the world. It has a total drop of 979m and some 807m uninterrupted fall. It is located deep in the Venezuelan rainforest and the waters originating from the Tepuy Mountain. The waters originate from the soggy clouds of the mountain top making it very memorable.

6. Centro Turistico Pulhapanzak
This is an amazing 43 m waterfall on the Rio Amapa in Honduras. It is surrounded by a well kept park. It is very easy to reach there and once there, the guides will tour you around. It is a popular swimming spot and it costs very little because there are no fees charged but you have to tip the guides 40-60 dollars.
7.Chorro de Las Mozas
This is the most accessible of the many waterfalls around the El VALLE Panama. It is also known as the Young women Falls. It is a very popular spot for swimming since it has the near perfect spring weather all year round.

Iguassu falls
8. Iguassu falls

It has a brink distance of about 2 km and an average flow of 1000 cubic meters of water per second. It falls among the best waterfalls in Central America and also the world. It consists of 275 separate waterfalls and cascades. It offers an intimate view of the surrounding rainforest.

9. La Catarata Del la Fortuna
This is a sparkling clear water ribbon of 70m that pours a canyon of dark volcanic rocks. It is located in La Fortuna and around in Costa Rica. It is about 4km from the turnoff on the road to San Ramon. You can also choose to walk and enjoy the spectacular view of the Cerro Chato through the farms and the many hotels along the road.

10. Centro Turictico Catarats Nauyaca.
It is located in Costa Rica in Quepos TO Dominical. It is owned and operated by a Costa Rican family and is home to a number of wonderful waterfalls protected by a primary and secondary forest. Since it is privately owned there are no vehicles going there but you can hire a horse. Having noticed the family in advance, a tour guide can be arranged, accommodation with the family and a guided ride.
As mentioned earlier, Central America is a very large region and you cannot possibly say these are the top most waterfalls in the region. It is highly recommended that you visit the place and experience it for yourself.

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