10 Great Free Stuff To Do in Melbourne, Australia

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne is one of the most liveliest and beautiful cities in Australia. It is the cultural hub of the country and there is always so much to do and see in Melbourne, that a day or two often extends a short holiday. Melbourne offers a lot to those tourists too, who are on a budget holiday and want to explore the city for free. In addition to the budget accommodation found there, There are a number of great free things to do in Melbourne such as:1. Federation Square

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Federation Square Melbourne, Australia
Federation Square

Federation Square is located on the route of the free city circle tram. It is a huge space packed with restaurants and bars. However it is also the place to catch all the major sporting events of the world on the huge television set that is mounted at the federation square. It is an experience in itself to watch an adrenalin packed match with crowds that cheer and jeer at each and every victory and defeat. There are a number of museums there, and tourists can visit them and catch a cultural glimpse of the city and the best part of all – the entry to the museums is free!

2. Australian Center for the Moving Image

The Australian Center for the Moving Image is located at the Federation Square and it is a treasure trove of almost everything pertaining to screen-based art. Crowds throng the museum on weekends and it is a delight to learn the evolution of art through the exhibits. The center is open 10 am to 5pm on Monday to Fridays. On the weekend and on public holidays the center is open from 10 am to 6pm.

3. City Circle Tram

It is a cultural lesson in itself to travel by the city circle tram to all the major tourist spots of the city. And that is because the trams are very old and historical plus there is a running commentary that gives details about the places that one is visiting. The city circle tram has an old world charm about it and perhaps the best part about it is that it’s totally free!

4. National Gallery of Victoria

The celebrated National Gallery of Victoria is located on the St. Kilda Road and it is the place to go to in case you are an art buff. It houses the works of some of the most famous and biggest artists, of not only Australia but of the world as well.

5. Royal Botanic Gardens

They are one of the best botanical gardens in the world and a trip to them is not to be missed at all.

6. Picnic in Edinburgh Gardens

Edinburg Gardens are beautiful and landscaped with a lot of love. In case you have some time on your hands then do pack a picnic lunch and head there for an awesome time.

7. Go cycling by the Yarra River

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Yarra River Melbourne, Australia
Yarra River

Tourists also enjoy to cycle alongside the Yarra River. They not only manage to get their dose of exercise but catch the beautiful scenery of the river also.

8. Watch fireballs by the River in the night

Post 8pm, there are fireworks by the Yarra River and you can catch the exhilarating display for free!

9. Festivals and Street Parties

Melbourne hosts a number of festivals and street parties such as the Moomba, Vietnamese Festival, Northcote Festival etc. They are the place to be if you want some great live music, yummy street food and a great fun-filled atmosphere.

10.Picnic at the Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens are an out of the world experience with their miniature villages, dragons and fairies. If you want to pamper the inner child in you, then just head to the Fitzroy Gardens with a picnic basket and have a whale of a time.

Melbourne is a great city and it is a boon for all the budget travelers who have a beautiful vacation without burning a hole in their pockets!

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